Based in Blenheim, Wildlife Management International Limited (WMIL) is an ecological consultancy dedicated to research and conservation of nature. For over 30 years, our team has been working in monitoring, protecting, and managing natural ecosystems both in New Zealand and overseas. Our organised and motivated team is highly trained and can bring specialised skills to your project, no matter how big or small.

We have a strong ornithological back ground, with our team being some of the country’s leading birders. Ensuring that this is more than just a job, we have a real passion for nature, it’s conservation and research.

Clients include central and regional Government conservation and research agencies, non-government conservation organisations and private sector commercial businesses. Many projects involve working with local organisations in a partnership approach, which we see as critical to achieving long term conservation gains.

Here at WMIL we are committed to local action, that’s why a portion of every invoice is donated to New Zealand’s most isolated community conservation group, the Chatham Islands Taiko Trust, to support grass roots conservation.

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    Focused work in these complex ecosystems aimed at providing solutions to protect several endangered birds that rely on these habitats.
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    With over 30 years of experience in the eradication of pests from islands, our team has the skills to assess, design and implement your eradication programme.
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    With a strong ornithological background our team have the skills, experience and training to implement research and conservation projects on any species in any habitat.
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    Working on a wide range of species from gulls to shags and petrels to albatross, our team have developed into leading authorities on several seabird species.
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    With 12 bird species currently listed as endangered, Chatham Islands birds need help, our team works with local community conservation group, the Chatham Islands Taiko Trust, to save these endemic species.
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    With a real belief and commitment to community driven conservation many of our projects are in partnership with local organisations or communities.
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    Our long background and intimate knowledge of the environmental and conservation arena has given us the expertise required to provide these skills to your project
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    Introduced pest control is vital to saving endangered bird species and our team has vast experience in the pest control arena.
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    Our team have vast experience with native frog research, monitoring, and management.

Wildlife Management International

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A very informative article written by The Mercury Bay Informer about the latest flesh-footed shearwater chick tracking from Ohinau Island. www.theinformer.co.nz/feature/where-will-they-go ... See moreSee less

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A great day spent with these two legends from Wild Life Management International, banding our precious takoketai/black petrel. Thanks for all the amazing work your team does to help these vulnerable seabirds! These birds are just about ready for their maiden flight. Here is a link to a story written last year about their amazing journey! www.stuff.co.nz/science/104901919/black-petrels-amazing-migration-from-hauraki-gulf-to-south-america

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The remaining 10 team members: Luke, Tom, Jacob, Ed, Lydia, John, Molly, Andrew, Aiden and Oliver have now arrived for the Pine Cay Save the Iguana Project. The team has settled in and had induction briefings, becoming familiar with the project location base on Pine Cay, and commenced work cutting tracks at Water Cay and monitoring for iguanas. ... See moreSee less

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A few weeks ago Biz, Kailash, Danielle and Kelvin were busy preparing for when the remaining 10 team members arrive for the Pine Cay Save the Iguana Project. All equipment and gear was unpacked and organised. Fort George, Grouper/Stubbs, Donna and Mangrove Cays were visited for mapping and assessment of the vegetation. Various monitoring activities and trials have commenced on Pine Cay. Track marking has commenced on Water Cay with all previously cut tracks from 2017 re-marked and new tracks being marked out. ... See moreSee less

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It has been seven years since Biz directed the eradication of black rats (Rattus rattus) from Dog Island for the Anguilla National Trust (ANT) with the help of volunteers, Department of Environment, RSPB and Fauna & Flora International. Biz recently revisited Dog Island with Anguilla National Trust personnel to complete a biosecurity check. The island continues to thrive with lizards, certain plant species and birds recovering well since the rat eradication. Flowering plants and fruits were obvious across the island. During searches on the cliffs with Louise Soanes and Devon Carter from ANT, Biz found a new breeding site for Audubon’s shearwater with three nests located. Two birds were incubating eggs and another nest was empty but being visited by birds. The original Audubon’s shearwater site found during the eradication also has an incubating adult. It is likely that other shearwater nesting sites will be located when Anguilla National Trust staff return to the island in May for additional surveys and the next biosecurity check. ... See moreSee less

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