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Seabird translocations have proven to be widely successful in re-establishing both burrow and surface nesting species to rehabilitated sites from which they had initially been extirpated by habitat destruction, human disturbance, and predation. WMIL have been at the forefront of seabird translocations in New Zealand, being the first to design and carry out a chick translocation project of its type - moving fluttering shearwater chicks to Maud Island in the Marlborough Sounds. Since then, we have been involved in a number of seabird translocation programmes from shearwaters to the critically endangered Chatham Island taiko/magenta petrel. WMIL designed and led the Chatham Island albatross translocation project, thereby being the first to translocate albatross in New Zealand and the second to do so in the world. This extensive experience ensures WMIL can design and implement a successful seabird translocation project to meet your needs.

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